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Clearblue Pregnancy Test Reviews

Clearblue Pregnancy Test Reviews: Positive and Negative Comments About It

With so many available pregnancy kits available in the market one of the basic consideration many ladies use when buying a pregnancy test is the survey and reviews of other ladies who’ve utilized the test earlier.
Positive women review after using Clearblue pregnancy test includes

Last winter I Used another pregnancy test and I couldn’t tell whether it was positive or negative reading the faint lines. My spouse said he thought it was certain, however, I was not persuaded. That night, we purchased a Clearblue digital test and chose to utilize it when we returned home. When the screen changed to “Pregnant” we were joyful and there was no doubt about the result. We now have an excellent 5-month-old baby and exceptionally affectionate with Clearblue. Thanks Clearblue.

I took this test when I was just 3 weeks pregnant for my daughter… I wasn’t late for my period but, I simply had an inclination that I pregnant… I took the first test during the evening, which turned out with a dark line and a second line that was light. The next morning, I took the other test again, and the same thing happened so, I called the clear blue customer service number on the cover of the container. She asked me a couple of questions and afterward affirmed me that I was indeed pregnant…. I was so energized and terrified at the same time. Thanks to clear blue and the team for effective customer service. Am now 4 months pregnant.
Negative women reviews

Last month I purchased a clear blue pregnancy test. Yesterday, I just returned from the doctor’s office and found out that I am not pregnant, despite the positive results from Clearblue. I tested the kit twice, reading positive results. This test obviously needs to go back to the chemistry lab for further analysis. After two miscarriages, this is a tremendous disappointment.

I have been attempting to conceive for 13 years now, I got a flu 3 week back and simply felt I was pregnant so, I went and purchased a Clearblue digital pregnancy test.

Well, I took the test first thing in the morning and it indicated “pregnant.” I was extremely happy but, I needed to make sure before I told people outside my family. So, I had a blood test and the results were” Negative”. I’m so tired of this enthusiastic roller coaster called Clearblue. I contacted them about the issue and they ordered me to send the kit to their lab for audit, Till now no results yet. It appears I’m not by any means the only one under this misery, I think they should re-test the item until the approval stage is over.

Depending with many different women, clear blue pregnancy test can be effective or ineffective depending on how strict you follow the guidelines and procedures. It’s advisable, to always buy the test kit that meets your needs and budget.

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